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FAQ's High Quality LED Backlit Window & Wall Displays

What's included in the display kits? Easy access, double sided display panels, (2) floor to ceiling, fixed body, cable mounting kits*, (4) isolators, (2) Power Connectors for cables with female plug-in, (1) 12V/ 60W certified Switching Adapter with standard plug-in for 120V, extension wire and male plug-in for power connectors. Easy to follow installation instructions, Diagram, measuring template. Plus, one or more On-Off Timers and Surge Protectors are included with your order configuration. * Wall mount product includes side mount hardware. See kits for details. (Multiple columns may be configured with larger Power adapter supply)

How do you install an Illuminated display panel system?

  Option 1 - Installation with Power Connectors on Bottom

  Option 2 - Installation with Power Connectors on Top

How do the panels Illuminate?

After the 1/16" tensioned mounting cables are installed, White 20 Gauge DC extension wires are connected onto the cables into small metal cylinder hardware that is placed at the bottom or top of the cables in the installation process. One is for a positive electrical current and the other is for a negative current that will run through the cables. We call these power connectors. On the back end of the thin white wires is a small round female plug that connects to a small round male plug that is attached to a 12V/60W low voltage, certified Switching, Adapter. The Adapter converts standard 120V current to a low voltage, energy efficient 12V's like battery current. The Adapter is plugged into a Surge Protector (Provided), then into an On-Off Timer (Provided) and next a standard 120V outlet. Once the Adapter is plugged in, a low voltage, harmless, current will run through the cables to the positive and negative terminal that is inside side connecting clamps that are on the display panel, thus providing the power for the LED's to illuminate. No hard-wiring.
How is the printed media inserted into the panels?
easy display access

It’s easy. Remove or insert Show-Sheets in seconds!

Front Load: Open front by pushing forward on the top of the cover.
Back Load: Open back by pulling back on the top of the cover.

When finished, a magnetic catch secures the cover back into place…done!

What Printing Media should we use for the illuminated panels?

Showcase backlit panels are designed to accept both 32lb weight glossy and Translucent backlight film. Image & text layouts used with this media will be crisp & clean.

Option 1
Hammermill Glossy Paper, Laser Gloss Printing Paper, 8.5 x 11 - 1 Pack (300 Sheets) - 94 Bright. 32lb weight. Made in the USA (Amazon)

Option 2
Inkpress Media Translucent Backlight Film 7 Mil Paper (Amazon) Note: Other printing media using the same parameters can also be used.

Available Sizes:
Standard 8 ½ x 11" Letter Size, 11" x 17" Ledger Size and custom fabricated sizes up to 24" x 36" inches.

Call us for a free virtual layout scaled to your window size & for pricing. Toll free: 1.800.628.1395

Thinking About Non-Illuminated Display Panels? (view information & photos)

view clear acryllic displays and information

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Five Year Product Warranty

All metal parts are Guaranteed for a Lifetime and all LED & Clear Acrylic display panels are Warranted for Five-Years from date of purchase. Any defective (standard) parts will be promptly replaced within (10) Ten days of return. Custom part replacement within 14-21 days. This Warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is subject to cancellation, if the product is not used for it’s designed purpose (Interior Display). Furthermore, this Warranty does not cover vandalism or "Acts of God".

Money Back Guarantee* / Free Returns

If display product does not meet your expectation when you receive it, you can return the product within (14) days of receipt for a full refund. Notice of intention to return must be made within (7) days of product receipt. All return shipping charges will be paid by Showcase Art & Framing *(Shipping return label will be provided) The product must be in unused condition or a deduction will be made for any parts that are not resalable. The refund will be made by Showcase Art and Framing in the form of a Company check within (14) days of return receipt. * All return shipment charges from customers outside of USA are the responsibility of the Customer.